Portrait Painting from Life with

Kristen Eisenbraun

        Join us at the Greer Cultural Arts Center to learn the techniques of portrait painting.  Students will learn Color mixing, paint application, the structure and planes of the human face and how to capture a likeness. Students of all levels will benefit from this class.  Beginners will develop confidence and technique with oil paint and become familiar with the human face. More advanced students will improve their knowledge, perfect their use of value and bring the model to life on canvas. Class will meet every Wednesday from 6:30 PM to 9 PM starting September 25. Adults and children 12 and up are welcome, the cost is $225. To sign up email 

Private Lessons

Study one-on-one with Kristen for a customized teaching approach. We will work on your favorite subject and develop your overall skill level. Contact Kristen for more information.

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